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Each year, we reserve a limited number of seats at Tech Policy Summit for full-time journalists who cover tech policy-related issues for leading national and international media outlets, as well as prominent bloggers who focus on tech policy issues.  A select few are also invited to participate in the on stage program as session hosts.

If you would like to be considered for a press pass or moderator opportunity for the 2009 Summit in March, please send a brief  outlining your current media affiliation or blog site. Please be sure to include your contact information. Walk-ins are not allowed, so you must be approved for press credentials in advance.

Press Releases

  • Registration Opens for 2008 Summit  - 9/18/07
  • Agenda Online for 2008 Summit  - 2/28/08

Tech Policy Summit In the News

2008 Summit in Hollywood, 3/26-3/28
  • TechNewsWorld - The Techies Meet the Wonks
  • eWeek - Politics Warms Up Tech Policy Summit
  • RCR Wireless News - FCC's McDowell Argues for Lighter Regulatory Approach
  • Ars Technica - Congressman: Copyright Not Made to 'Pad Wallets' of Creators
  • e-Commerce News - Live From the Tech Policy Summit: The Communications Explosion
  • - MPAA to Broadband Providers: Pull The Plug on Pirates
  • Ars Technica - Verizon Wants Fat Pipes, Not a Badge
  • - Q & A with Comcast's Joe Waz
  • AllThingsD - Kara Visits the Tech Policy Summit: Content
  • - BitTorrent President: Comcast Agreement is a 'Win'
  • AllThingsD - Kara Visits the Tech Policy Summit: Privacy
  • TechDailyDose - HP Official Pitches 'Innovation Stimulus Plan'
  • Ars Technica - USPTO Boss
  • - Rep. Berman: Pro-IP Bill Will Become Law in 2008
  • - Tech Talent Drain One of the 'Scariest' Trends in U.S.
  • eWeek - White House Tech Policy Called 'Magical Thinking'
  • TechDailyDose - TPS: European Commissioner Weighs Convergence
  • Capitol Valley - The Main Event
  • RCR Wireless News - Qualcomm's Jacobs Laments Sluggish Pace...
  • eWeek - Comcast, BitTorrent Reach Throttling Agreement
  • E-Commerce News - The Beauty of Not Asking Permission
  • ContentAgenda - No Fair Use for PRO IP
  • - Congress is Holding H-1B Boost 'Hostage'
  • ZDNet - Sparks Fly Over Copyright at Tech Policy Summit
  • ContentAgenda - Comcast, BitTorrent: First Take
  • TechDailyDose - Verizon Exec Stands Firm on Copyright Filtering
  • Capitol Valley - MPAA CTO Jim Williams Talks...
  • RCR Wireless News - Verizon CTO: 'We are not the enforcers...'
  • - AT&T To Offer Live Mobile TV...

2007 Summit in Silicon Valley, 2/26-2/27
  • InfoWorld - US Immigration Reform Bill Could Pass By July
  • Newsweek - Changes in Patents May Be Pending
  • InfoWorld - Patent Reform Tops List of Tech Concerns
  • GigaOm - Is Google Changing Its Position on Net Neutrality?
  • International Hearld Tribune - US Businesses Laud 'Season for Patent Reform'

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