About Us

Marc.jpgTech Policy Summit is an independent venture run by a small team of individuals, and that's one of the reasons it is unlike other policy conferences.

We aren't involved in any lobbying. We don't have any members or a board of directors to answer to. And our partners and sponsors support us with the understanding that we are committed to fostering an open, nonpartisan dialogue where the only "agenda" we are promoting is the one you'll see on the Schedule page.

Tech Policy Summit is owned by SageScape, a small business that specializes in producing tech conferences. Since 2003, we have been helping others successfully plan conferences and tradeshows in venues around the world.

We didn't start out planning events though. We spent over a decade developing our respective careers in marketing and engineering, working at Silicon Valley startups and traveling overseas in support of high-tech clients with operations in Europe and Asia.

Along the way, we have been fortunate to work with some of the most influential brands and thought leaders - companies and people who have inspired us to think bigger and to keep striving for even better ways of delivering value to the industry we care so much about.

Like many who've been bit by the entrepreneurial bug, we do what we do because we are passionate about the process and confident that we can make a difference. In the case of Tech Policy Summit, our mission is to bridge the gaps that sometimes exist in tech policy circles - even between like-minded organizations with common goals - and to encourage more dialogue so that there is greater accord between what happens in D.C. and what matters in Silicon Valley.

SageScape's founder and chief content guru is Natalie Fonseca. A UCLA grad, she has over 15 years of editorial and marketing experience but is a techie at heart. You can usually find her tweeting about Congressional hearings or Silicon Valley happenings at @TechPolicy. She is also the executive producer of our Privacy Identity Innovation conference.